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Review of Contact In The Desert 2019

On Monday June, we returned from an amazing conference in Indian Wells, namely, Contact In The Desert. A weekend of mysteries, new scientific discoveries, introspection, debate, and spiritualism, this is one of the largest (if not the largest) UFO conferences in the world. However, referring to it as merely an “UFO conference” would in no way do it justice, since it is so much more than that. It encompasses all things New Age, mind exploratory, and fringe: topics such as ancient civilisations and archeology; conspiracies; government whistleblowers; meditation and health; and recent history are also covered. Essentially, most areas that the mainstream media and the government are reluctant to talk about. Not all of the subject matter is everyone’s cup of tea, but there is plenty to explore for all attendees. It’s a weekend of opening your mind and expanding your consciousness, and being receptive to all types of theories.

Contact In The Desert 2018 Review

Once again, we had the privilege of attending the Contact In The Desert conference this year, the largest conference of its type in the USA. This annual event presents a boiling pot of information regarding fringe research and ufology, where people come together and share their findings and knowledge on topics such as ancient civilizations, spirituality, human consciousness, UFOs/UAPs, the paranormal, and extra-terrestrials.

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Former Scientologist & Sea-Org Member, Lynn Campbell, talks to WoTR

"I can’t believe I was ever a part of that. They…they’re slaves. And they…I don’t know…they’re just asleep, I just wish they would wake up."  Lynn Campbell.

The "Big Blue" Scientology building in Hollywood.

The "Big Blue" Scientology building in Hollywood.

One of the signs outside the "Big Blue" on Sunset.

One of the signs outside the "Big Blue" on Sunset.

Signs posted by Lynn on her shop window.

Signs posted by Lynn on her shop window.

On the 5th of April we had the pleasure of interviewing Lynn Campbell – former Scientologist, current activist, and all-round lovely person. She had been a Scientologist for a number of years, having been introduced to it by her aunt at a young age. From then on, she became engrossed in Scientology and soon joined the new religion alongside her aunt and mother.

However, over time she drifted away from Scientology, this separation having been instigated by the introduction of David Miscavige as the new leader. Slowly, Lynn opened her eyes to what Scientology truly was and what was happening to it. She now operates a hairdressing salon near the big blue Scientology building in Los Angeles, advertising “a free roll of toilet paper with haircut” for all Sea Org Members.

Last Sunday, Lynn joined us on WoTR to answer all our questions, and provide us with a true insight into Scientology. Genuine in her responses, her honesty tells us what it was really like being part of this organization, loving it, and then having to leave it.

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And be sure to check out Shear Perfection if you’re in Los Angeles, Lynn’s hairdressing salon. It’s on Fountain Ave, adjacent to the big blue Scientology building.

For more information, see these website suggestions (as posted on Lynn's shop-front windows):

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