Alternative Health Treatment for Military Personnel: An Interview with Energy Healer, Valerie Heath, of Heaven & Earth Oasis

…our military veterans need the most help to heal not just physically, but just as important…emotionally
— Valerie Heath, President & Founder of Heaven & Earth Oasis

We’ve all heard of PTSD, especially veteran’s PTSD. Most of us have also heard of various “alternative” and complementary health treatments, such as acupuncture, chiropractice, massage, meditation, yoga, homeopathy, reiki and qi gong. Some of us may even be aware of more modern and emerging treatments, such as DNA Theta Healing and Matrix Energetics (both forms of “energy healing”). However, not many have heard of such practices being applied to veterans, especially those severely affected by the trauma of combat; for years now, mainstream medicine has only really offered “standard” methods of treatment to war veterans, despite their being most in need of holistic approaches of care.

That’s where Valerie Heath, and co-founder Chantal Benedict, come into the picture: they both set out to change the playing field by making alternative healing methods more readily available to war veterans. Not only that, however, but they strive to do so at no cost to the patients. Heaven & Earth Oasis is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organisation, and relies on donations by the public to continue operating. They have been treating military personnel for several years now, and have done so with very encouraging results not otherwise seen with traditional medicine alone.

Are such modalities of treatment always recognised and accepted by mainstream science? Certainly not. But the fact is, a huge number of patients (not just those suffering from combat PTSD, but also those experiencing other types of pain and trauma) have reported emotional and physical improvement after receiving alternative (or complementary) treatment, so it most definitely should not be dismissed. If people feel that a certain type of healing practice helps them, then it should absolutely be encouraged; even more so, when such treatment has been shown to have no negative side-effects.

It’s up to you whether you decide that such alternative medicine is effective or not – but we strongly encourage you to have a listen to the interview and check out their website,, to become a little more acquainted with what they do and why. Who knows, perhaps you or a loved one will find a new way of overcoming PTSD. Plus, if you live in the Los Angeles area, you even have the opportunity to attend a fundraiser, where all attendees will have the chance at trying out trial sessions of some of the treatments mentioned. The event will be taking place on November 5th, from 11:30am – 4:00pm, at the Loews Hollywood Hotel; tickets can be bought here.

And now, for the interview. Let us know what your thoughts are!


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