UFOs & Government evidence: Mr. "Marty McFly" gives us a run-down

We were joined on the 1st March by Marty McFly,* UFO researcher and expert on the topic, who provided us with some seriously dumbfounding UFO information (as well as accompanying evidence in the form of Government documents). For all you UFO-fanatics out there, this is what you've been waiting for - actual  documented information concerning UFOs, as released by the US Government. The files were, très unfortunately, taken off the web very soon after (the implications thereof are for you to decide...), but nevertheless, we have some of those documents to show you, all thanks to Marty (thanks Marty!). Of course, you may have your usual doubts: what if these documents are fake? Maybe Marty is tricking us here? Or perhaps the Government released false documents? Maybe they're just inaccurate and outdated? Well, we can't make the decision for you. So have a listen to this WoTR episode, because no one can do that on your behalf.

p.s. We've uploaded some of the relevant documents for you, all in the safest way possible, namely as image files. Scroll through the following photo galleries to view the texts. (Watch this space in the next few days for the second batch of files.)

*name changed for privacy purposes.

Doc No.: 1

Doc No.: 2A

Doc No.: 2B

Doc No.: 3

Doc No.: 4

Doc No.: 5A

Doc No.: 5B

Doc No.: 5C

Doc No.: 6A

Doc No.: 6B

Doc No.: 6C

Posted on March 15, 2015 and filed under SUM1.