Greg Ford back on WoTR, blowing our minds again

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For the past two Sundays, WoTR has had the honour of welcoming back Greg Ford to the show. A lot of you probably remember Greg from our first interview with him – if you want to catch up with that show, click here.


To summarise an interview with Greg could never do it justice; however, here are a few points that were covered over the past two weeks: WMDs, namely VX/GF gas, in Syria, sold and re-bought by the US; prison conditions and abuse in Abu Ghraib; 9/11 and Government knowledge prior to the attack; the dangers of ISIS; US involvement in Central America’s unrest. Greg’s political knowledge is beyond extensive, giving us insights that amaze (and horrify) us every time. Needless to say, having him as an interviewee always guarantees an edge-of-the-seat show. This is information everyone should know, so be sure to check out both interviews below.

Part I - 15th February 2015

Part II - 22nd February 2015

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