A Peek Through The Keyhole of The Kingdom: An Interview with Author & Researcher, Walter Bosley, On The Esoteric Design of Disneyland

I don’t ask people to just accept what I say blindly, I simply ask the reader to consider the possibilities, the context, and the research I’ve done to propose why I’m presenting these speculations.
— Walter Bosley, Interview Extract
Walter Bosley's first non-fiction book:  Kindle version available here .

Walter Bosley's first non-fiction book: Kindle version available here.

Walter Bosley is back for another show on West of The Rockies, this time round being interviewed on his first official non-fiction book, Latitude 33: Key to the Kingdom. For a quick introduction on Bosley, read a little of our previous article here, or head straight to the YouTube video.

The book explores the underlying esoteric themes of Disneyland (California), focusing on its design and geographical location, particularly the placement and set-up of certain rides.

Bosley became particularly intrigued by Disneyland following an anomalous personal  experiences there, culminating in the discovery that Disneyland is in fact situated at Latitude 33 (‎33.812511 to be exact), as well as positioned at the intersection of three telluric currents (ley lines). He talks us through his personal experiences of the park, as well as his research into its architectural background.

We dive into all sorts of topics surrounding these interesting findings. What exactly are ley lines/telluric currents, and what is their significance? How is the SRI (Stanford Research Institute) involved in all this, and, specifically, what part did C. V. Wood play (and yes, that’s the same SRI that carried out the remote viewing experiments)? What of the involvement with occulted physics and mathematics from the Nazi SS? What role does Nikola Tesla play in this magical kingdom? Of course, we also question Bosley on Disney, his involvement in the DeMolay, and whether he had any true Masonic ties.

Aerial view of Disneyland (circa 1956).

Aerial view of Disneyland (circa 1956).

We explore the local history of Anaheim, including its founding by German settlers, and the later popularity of KKK groups in the area. We also tie things in with (wait for it) another Walter, this times Walter Knott, best known for his Knott’s Berry Farm amusement park, which happens to be situated very close by.

The climax of the interview, though, is our fascination with the Disneyland carousel, which was originally situated at the exact intersection of the three telluric currents, and, as many might speculate, was meant to form some type of energy vortex…what was the true nature of this carousel? What intent was behind it? Could it be the reason why some people report of strange experiences at Disneyland?

We also briefly touch on what Disney has become in our modern day and age, given that the stories of “brainwashed” Miley Cyrus or Ariana Grande are never far from the front pages of the Internet.

Listen to our interview to find out more!

For more on Walter Bosley and his books, visit his blog and his publisher's page -- don't forget to get the Kindle version of "Latitude 33: Key to the Kingdom."

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