Our Life Beyond MKULTRA: Lies, Corruption and Love, An Interview with Elisa E.

“You have to understand that the alters…like my front-line system was amazing…all those years I worked and had a so-called normal life parallel to the other life.”
— Elisa E., interview extract

We are extremely grateful to have had Elisa E. back on the show, one of the best sources of information on the world of mind-control that anyone could hope for. A survivor of trauma-based mind-control herself, her ability to reflect on her experiences succinctly and coherently is definitely a gift to anyone researching this subject-matter and hoping to find out more.

Again, we do not claim that what we are talking about is the absolute truth, since that’s something we ourselves do not know. Our primary aim is always to inform – we intend to provide a platform for people to speak from; to listen carefully and analytically; and to intellectually engage with our guests. At times, suspension of doubt is required, but that is indeed the only way that a fully-informed opinion can be reached. Those that are unable to give a theory or a proposed idea the “benefit of the doubt,” even just for a moment, tend to be those that go through life monochromatically and unenlightened.

That said, we broach a number of topics and ideas during this WoTR episode, delving just a little deeper into the world of trauma-based mind-control. We focus more on Book 2 of Our Life Beyond MKULTRA this time round, since our first interview was based on Book 1. Nevertheless, we still recap a little of Book 1, providing both a foundation for the show, as well as a neat introduction for those who have not yet read Elisa’s books.

“If each and every person on earth began to form a conscious relationship with this Unconditional Love that resides within their Benevolent human soul, and obtained or made orgone generators (negative ion generators), malevolent kontrol would be banished as long as we each maintain. No war, no violence, just pure Love and Life.”
— Our Life Beyond MKULTRA, Book 2

What you have to remember is that Elisa does not claim that x, y and z, happened per se. At least not in every instance when she is recounting a bizarre story. For instance, take her various encounters with “aliens” or strange extra-terrestrial beings – she describes her memories as she recalls them, as she thought they happened. However, she fully admits that, when she recalls those various instances, they may not, in fact, have gone down as she believes them to have gone down. She admits that they may be screen memories, at least on some of those many occasions, perhaps implanted by someone else, or at times even self-induced due to the unbearable trauma that they are probably concealing. Alas, this is at the very core of trauma-based mind-control: traumatising and psychologically beating down the victim to the point of being able to fully reshape them mentally. It sounds absolutely horrific, almost unimaginable that one human could do this to another; unfortunately, that also explains why most people probably don’t want to believe in things like this. (As for the human aspect, whether these people are “fully” human or not is a whole topic in itself). Elisa explains how, a lot of the time, she doesn’t know which memories are “real” and which are screen memories – she is completely aware of that, and merely aims to inform us of the memories she does have. How we process that information is up to us.

Perhaps things can indeed get a little confusing when talk of “entities,” “demons,” “aliens, and “beings,” starts becoming heavier. However, bear in mind that this “strange” talk of inter-dimensional beings and seemingly “super-natural” abilities occurs a lot in MKULTRA/mind-control talk. For that reason, it may be useful for some of our listeners to do a bit of their own research, or even read a book or two themselves. We recommend maybe picking up one of Elisa E’s Top 4 Mind-Control Books or Elisa E’s Top 5 Mind-Control Films, which can be found at the bottom of this article here. Otherwise, one of Elisa’s own books, which we can never recommend enough. Be warned though, it does get heavy at times. Fascinating, nevertheless.

She is always “on it,” responding to our questions succinctly and allowing herself time to think where it is necessary – we definitely do not get the vibe that her answers are rehearsed in any way. She makes incredibly astute comments on our shows (often emailing in regarding our other interviews), displaying signs of an intelligent and analytical mind. I think it’s important to have this background knowledge of her when judging her narrative.

“Most people in the conspiracy community generally agree that the world I come from is 50 to 100 years ahead technologically”
— Elisa E., interview extract

And yes, of course she could be duping us, of course there exists the possibility that she may be a psychopath doing this for fun, or even a disinformant – alas, in this line of journalism, those are thoughts that should go without saying, and we are certainly not oblivious to the more nefarious possibilities. But, having researched these themes for the few years that we have, and having come in contact with plenty of people in the MK circles, we are still happy to stand by our opinion that Elisa E is, undoubtedly, one of the most convincing and (more importantly) trustworthy whistleblowers out there. Thus far, she has not given us reason to doubt her, and I believe that’s important to point out. In fact, it’s extremely rare in cases such as this.

One of several intense and disturbing collages featured in Elisa E.'s books, as well as on her website,  Our Life Beyond MKULTRA .  Used with permission.

One of several intense and disturbing collages featured in Elisa E.'s books, as well as on her website, Our Life Beyond MKULTRAUsed with permission.

We sincerely hope you enjoy listening to this interview as much as it was fascinating for us to conduct. We talk about societal conditioning, and the difference between programming and conditioning; inter-dimensional and non-human entities; esoteric sciences; interconnections with movies, including how the recent film Split may help us understand a fragmented mind; if and how one might spot a mind-controlled person; and what it actually means to be a “high-level bloodline ritually abused trauma-based total mind controlled slave.” We also briefly explore how some of the seemingly superhuman abilities of mind-controlled slaves may be scientifically feasible, such as breathing under water. Yes, it absolutely sounds too weird to be true, but science is slowly revealing things that we had previously thought impossible. In fact, isn’t that what every paradigm-shift does? Shift the very foundations of our beliefs and views of reality? Check out this article on the so-called “Aquaman Crystal”. And if we take into account that real technology (we’re talking underground government research here) is probably decades ahead of what the mainstream is selling us, it becomes a little easier to believe that some of this crazy technology may well be real, and in use right now, albeit unbeknownst to us.

A couple of great links for further education on this topic: Mind Control Simple To Complex & Alters and Triggers.

You can order Elisa E.'s book here: Our Life Beyond MKULTRA Book 1 and Book 2.

And, if you’re brave enough to tackle, "The Illuminati Formula to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Control Slave” (By Fritz Springmeier & Cisco Wheeler), though please bear in mind that it is slightly dated at this point.

We find Elisa E’s story extremely compelling, and we continue to support her. Whatever it is that is happening to all these people, we hope that you will at least acknowledge that it is something. When so many people are coming out with the same stories over and over again (a quick google search will tell you that much), it becomes increasingly difficult to ignore this phenomenon.

Now for the interview, enjoy!

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