Ouija: Exploring The World Beyond The Board with Robert Murch

“The Ouija Board really is a mirror, and it reflects your deepest secrets and your darkest fears.”
— Robert Murch, Interview Extract
Photo: RobertMurch.com

Photo: RobertMurch.com

“Bob” Murch has a strange passion, one that’s seen him work on numerous TV shows, documentaries, movies, and has even lead to its very own convention – yes, we’re talking Talking Boards here. Though much more widely known as a “Ouija” board, talking board is the commonly-accepted generic name (given that Ouija is a Hasbro, inc. trademark.); a spirit board is another term that gets thrown around synonymously, though for now we’ll just be sticking to talking boards.

“  Let the Spirit Move You: Ouija, Baltimore’s Mystifying Oracle  ” Exhibit at the Baltimore Museum of Industry in collaboration with TBHS.  Photo: tbhs.org

Let the Spirit Move You: Ouija, Baltimore’s Mystifying Oracle” Exhibit at the Baltimore Museum of Industry in collaboration with TBHS.  Photo: tbhs.org

Murch commenced his quest of research and discovery in the early 90s, having been inspired by the movie Witchboard several years prior; what began as a lonely antique Ouija board, soon developed into a full-blown museum collection, landing him where he is today – that is, with over 500 different talking board types, and several more hundred duplicates and variations to boot (totalling well over a thousand).

It's fair to say that Murch is not your usual paranormal fanatic -- he approaches the bizarre mysteries of the board from a surprisingly rational viewpoint, unbiasedly exploring and entertaining the various possibilities. It was a genuinely fun and educational show that had us discussing the origin and history of the board, dispelling some of the myths surrounding the topic, and listening to some of the crazy stories that are out there.  Murch was also kind enough to share some basic advice with us on conducting a talking board session.  Some of these tips might seem obvious, but apparently not obvious enough for people to still forego them!

Bob Murch's Ouija Tips

  1. There should ideally be around 3-4 people; rather more than less, as it works better with more people interacting.
  2. Think of your questions ahead of time and write them down.
  3. Don't ask anything you don't want answered, i.e. that you're too scared to have answered ("When will I die?")
  4. Be patient!

And now for the interview, enjoy!

For those interested in keeping up with all things Ouija, stay up-to-date via Robert Murch's Website, Facebook and Twitter. Also, be sure to follow The Talking Board Historical Society on Twitter, Facebook and their Website

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