WoTR talks Elisa Lam with Clyde Lewis on GROUND ZERO

Clyde Lewis, looking ridiculously cool as usual.  Photo Courtesy of  groundzeromedia.org

Clyde Lewis, looking ridiculously cool as usual. Photo Courtesy of groundzeromedia.org

Yesterday, WoTR had the absolute pleasure of being on Clyde Lewis’ Ground Zero (FM News 101 KXL), turning the tables for the first time and making us the interviewees, something we’re generally not used to. The theme for the night: fore-structuring, synchronicity, and Elisa Lam. Needless to say, it was an intense and fascinating two hours.

We explored some of the inconsistencies of the Lam case, as well as the ominous similarities to the Dark Water storyline (a Japanese horror movie from 2002, with an American remake released in 2005) – the number of “coincidences” that surround the story seems to be never-ending, making this a perfect (and terrifying) example of dark synchronicity. For some great background reading on the topic, check out Ron Patton’s article, “Lam To The Slaughter: Dark History Dark Water.”

For those of you that are not familiar with the Elisa Lam video, you might want to have a quick watch (below) - this footage was captured by the elevator camera, presumably shortly before Lam died; it is truly frightening, and continues to perplex viewers even two years on.

Could Elisa Lam really have killed herself? Was she possessed, murdered, or just depressed? Was she even a real person?

Listen to us explore these ideas and much more – just hit play on the Soundcloud player below!

On October 4th, we’ll be switching things up again, this time interviewing Clyde Lewis on West of The Rockies – guaranteed, it'll be a show that's not to miss!

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