Ben Hansen is back to talk presidents, UFOs and Aliens!

“If there is Disclosure, every President wants to be that President.” - Ben Hansen (interview extract)
Ben, looking rather fetching. Photo courtesy of Ben Hansen.

Ben, looking rather fetching. Photo courtesy of Ben Hansen.

Ben Hansen: all-round great guy, and all-round expert. No, seriously - his interests and expertise stretch a lot further and wider than you might think. With qualifications in Sociology, Criminology and Corrections, and Spanish, as well as certifications as a pilot, radio-operator and SCUBA diver (just to mention a few), Ben really is a well-rounded and fully-equipped guy. It’s no surprise then that we’ve had Ben on the show several times now, usually with a different topic as the focus.

This last Sunday saw us predominantly discussing Ben’s analyses of the President Clinton and the President Obama interviews (taken from the Jimmy Kimmel Show, 2014 and 2015 respectively). Both analyses focus on the question of aliens and potential Government knowledge thereof; and both interviews present us with equally intriguing responses. Ben is incredibly diplomatic and non-biased in his observations, making no claims as to whether the presidents are lying or telling the truth. However, one thing is clear: both presidents answer in an apparently uncomfortable and nervous manner. To find out more, you’ll have to listen to our interview, or even check out Ben’s videos first! (below)

Beyond that, though, we of course discussed the usual UFO business, some good old moon-landing, plus a bit of NASA thrown in (and their seemingly declining vision). We also briefly spoke about the recently-revealed, “Roswell Slide,” originally discovered by Adam Dew, with whom Ben happens to be acquainted.

With that to whet your appetite, we hope you enjoy the interview! (To catch our interviews live, as well as interact with us live on air, be sure to tune in every Sunday, 9pm PDT, at .)

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