Robert Perala - Author, Clairvoyant & ET Messenger (and musician!)

A couple of Sundays ago, Robert Perala graced us with his (virtual) presence on West of The Rockies, delivering a fascinating and mind-opening interview. Mr. Perala is a well-known and unique clairvoyant, having experienced paranormal encounters from a young age. A messenger of sorts, Robert has received a wealth of information from extra-terrestrials over time, in turn sharing that information with the world. He describes some of his amazing experiences to us, explaining their message and what their greater purpose is. In essence, it boils down to this: the world is currently a pretty bad place (to say the least), and we need to bring people back together again. Peace and spirituality are at the core of Perala’s motives – alien encounters may not immediately evoke thoughts of peace in most people’s minds, but give this interview a listen, and you may well come to change yours.

“Our job is […] to move, touch and inspire people.” (interview excerpt)

The interview also covers discussion of Plaedians, Grays, Robert’s work with David Icke, and much much more. In fact, he is also a musician, and we had the honour of premiering his song, “Til We Meet Again,” live on the show!

Robert will be MCing this year’s Contact In The Desert event again, as well as holding a lecture titled, “Extraterrestrials and The Divine Intelligence.” If you haven’t already, be sure to check out the Contact In The Desert website. If you live in the area (and even if you don’t), you should certainly consider going – it’s a truly great event, with an epic line-up of speakers!

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Once again, a massive shout-out to Susan von Seggern, providing us with ever-amazing interviewees! Hats off to you.

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