Chad Lindberg talks "Ghost Stalkers" on WoTR

"We're going to spend 48 hours isolated in some of the rawest, grittiest haunted locations in the world."

The new paranormal TV show, Ghost Stalkers, has just seen the end of its very first season, and has managed to impress the public. With its innovate new take on the "standard" ghost-hunting routine, this show sees the stars of the program (Chad Lindberg and John E.L. Tenney) each spend a night alone in an haunted location every episode, moving through the building and collecting data. With a premise like that, the show promises more evidence and more scares than your usual ghost adventure.

On this episode of West of The Rockies, we interview Chad Lindberg, grilling him on all aspects of his experience and giving him a chance to clarify any issues or queries that people may have regarding the show. Chad is one of the nicest and sincerest guys you could hope to meet in showbiz, providing us with a genuinely fascinating and honest interview.

Ernie Alonzo (Haunted OC) also joins us on this interview, sharing some of this ghost-hunting experiences, as well as promoting his upcoming event in partnership with Chad.

Check out Chad's past interview on WoTR with Jason Gates (of SyFy's Haunted Collector) and Ernie Alonzo here

If you're a fan of the show and would love to see another season made, then be sure to hit up Destination America, by either writing to them or bugging them on their twitter account: @destamerica

The Ghost Stalkers Twitter account: @ghoststalkers1

Say hi to Chad: @chadlindberg

And now for the interview!

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Posted on February 1, 2015 and filed under SUM1.