From Victim to Survivor - The Real “Jason Bourne” and the Dark World of MKULTRA

“Truthfully, I am not gonna get big press...that’s what they know.” Elisa E., interview extract.

We had the honour of speaking to Elisa E. last Sunday, and it was without doubt one of our most fascinating interviews to date. First coming forward with her two books on MKULTRA back in 2013, Elisa tells the story of how she endured over 40 years of severe torture and mind-control, eventually slowly breaking free and seeking help. The process of recovery is ongoing and certainly not an easy one; however, Elisa E. is, in the truest sense of the word, a survivor.

We discuss a whole host of ideas and experiences, a lot of which are hard to stomach at times, but need to be heard. A victim of trauma-based mind-control MPD/DID (Multiple Personality Disorder/Dissociative Identity Disorder), she suffered years of mental and physical abuse, including systematic rape from a young age, forced cannibalism, as well as a myriad of other types of torture methods. It was not until adulthood that Elisa started realising something wasn’t right…and it would be years more until fully recognising the extent of her multiple personalities. Some of these personalities were docile sex slaves. Several of these were “kill alters.”

Elisa E..  Used with permission.

Elisa E.. Used with permission.

What with the influx of spy and MKULTRA-style assassin movies (and TV shows) nowadays, it’s no wonder that society has become so desensitised to the true nature of what might be going on. Sure, you’d think that watching more movies and TV shows about mind-control would make people more receptive – but all this is doing is presenting an image that is romanticised and fun. It does the very opposite of helping real victims; it makes us less likely to believe them, because it suddenly seems absurd to us that someone would suffer under such a program. I mean, the Jason Bourne movies look darn cool, who wouldn’t want to be a super-assassin?

“First, they’ll come to you and offer the very thing you want the most and you may not even know how much you want it and that is a much easier way to lure someone in.” Elisa E., interview extract

During the interview, we delve into the murky depths of how Elisa was programmed, how she was kept under constant control, and, most importantly, who was doing these things and to what ends? From her involvement in the fields of government, military and intelligence, to her use by religious institutions and corporate organisations, her story shows us how very few things are sacred nowadays. The shocking disregard for human life exhibited by many of those we’d like to call “leaders” is abhorrent. We need to open our eyes and stop naïvely taking things at face-value; it’s truly time for a paradigm-shift.

“Nowadays they don’t have to do that. It’s all done remotely, I mean, all of it.  They can pick someone that’s already in their 20s….there’s hardly any expense, time, energy. […] And when you’re done, you wash your hands of it. There’s no paper trail, there’s no nothing. And this is being done on a frightening scale, all you have to do is watch the news cast.” Elisa E., interview extract
One of several intense and disturbing collages featured in Elisa E.'s books, as well as on her website,  Our Life Beyond MKULTRA .  Used with permission.

One of several intense and disturbing collages featured in Elisa E.'s books, as well as on her website, Our Life Beyond MKULTRA. Used with permission.

You might not believe everything you hear (some of you might not even believe any of it), but reading Elisa’s story and speaking to her, I feel it’s safe to say that she experienced something truly terrifying, and that we should applaud her for her bravery in coming forward. Many of you will have your doubts – is she lying? Doing it for the money? Maybe just crazy? Of course, that’s ultimately up to you to decide. Listening to the interview though, it’s fairly evident that Elisa is calm and composed, her answers clear and honest: when she’s uncertain of something, she says so directly, no beating around the bush. I certainly don’t get the vibe that she’s doing this “for the money” – as she points out herself, she doesn’t get a huge amount of publicity and her story will likely never reach mainstream media. But that’s OK, because she’s here to tell her story, here to provide information as well as support other survivors by corroborating their experiences.

“Don’t be afraid to find out you don’t know what you thought you knew. […] If you just forge ahead and are willing to learn some of those shocking truths…what I can promise you…money back-guarantee…on the other side, all kinds of things will be understood.” Elisa E., interview extract
Are there real-life Jason Bournes, Charly Baltimores, and Hannas out there? The thought is terrifying, but perhaps something that we need to start accepting...

Are there real-life Jason Bournes, Charly Baltimores, and Hannas out there? The thought is terrifying, but perhaps something that we need to start accepting...

A Pascal’s Wager-style argument makes sense here. Ask yourself, what happens if we believe a story like Elisa’s? Well, if what we’re told is true, then we would be showing our support for trauma victims, enlightening ourselves about the true state of our world, and overall becoming more aware. If it turns out to be false, there’s not much harm done – we move on and get over it, and will have at least given someone a chance. Yet, what happens if we don’t believe? If it turns out the stories are indeed false, then hey, we carry on living our lives exactly as we had done before. However, if we don’t believe her, and it turns out the stories are in fact true, then we run the risk of perpetuating the disbelief and stigmatisation of extreme trauma victims, as well as losing out on some major information that might genuinely change the way we view our lives and our government. Thus, the risks of not believing, simply put, outweigh the risks of believing. But that’s just my two pennies worth. I’ll leave it up to you.

If you haven’t already, I urge you to check out Elisa’s books, even if just the first installment. It certainly helps pad out the gaps in the interview and provide a fuller picture. Not only is it fascinating, but it’s also important. Even if you do not believe all of it, it’s still a useful learning tool – heck, even if just 10% of what we’re reading is true, that’s still majorly significant. It certainly opened our eyes, and hope it will do the same for you.

Of course, we couldn’t wait get our Top 5 feedback. Reading someone’s list of favourite books or movies always provides great extra insight, as well as brilliant further research material. We specifically asked Elisa about the books, movies, or TV programs that she feels best represent the world of mind-control and MKULTRA. According to Elisa, there’s not much out there that accurately portrays MKULTRA and its victims, especially when it comes to film and TV – pretty much all of it is watered down and romanticised. Nevertheless, she was able to provide us with the following lists:

Elisa E’s Top 4 Mind-Control Books

1.   Sub Rosa America and the Fall of the New Atlantis, (Elana Freeland, 2011-2014), “a fabulous series, five books in total.
2.   Project Soul Catcher, Volume Two: Secrets of Cyber and Cybernetic Warfare Revealed, (Robert Duncan, 2010)
3.   Forbidden Gates: How Genetics, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Synthetic Biology, Nanotechnology and Human Enhancement Herald the Dawn of Techno-Dimensional Spiritual Warfare, (Tom and Nita Horn, 2011)
4.   The Franklin Scandal: The Story of Powerbrokers, Child Abuse and Betrayal, (Nick Bryant, 2008)

Elisa E’s Top 5 Mind-Control Films

  “I would say that there really isn't a truly accurate one that I know of, though some have quite a bit  of truth in them with added Hollywood glamour”:

1.   The Manchurian Candidate, Metro Goldwyn Mayer, 1962, Paramount, 2004
2.   The Parallax View, Paramount, 1974
3.   The Long Kiss Goodnight, New Line, 1996
4.   Eyes Wide Shut, Warner Brothers, 1999
5.   The Bourne Identity (2002), Supremacy (2004), Ultimatum (2007), and Legacy (2012), Universal

Notable TV Shows:

The X-Files (Fox Network, 1993-2002) and Dollhouse (Fox Network, 2009) had some frightening truth running throughout the series, though they, like so many of the movies, put in glamour where none exists.”

To find out more, just hit play below for the full interview!

Be sure to stay up to date by checking out Elisa’s website, and head over to Amazon if you’re intrigued to find out the nitty-gritty details covered by Our Life Beyond MKULTRA Book 1 and Book 2. 

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