Travis Walton Interview, up now! (pun intended)

We had the amazing opportunity and honor of speaking to UFO legend, Travis Walton, who talks to us about his 1975 alien-abduction, quite possibly the most compelling and well-documented abduction-tale to date. Travis is the author of the book, The Walton Experience, which provides a detailed account of his abduction and its aftermath. This was later turned into a movie, namely Fire In The SkyFor a quick summary, check out our previous post on Travis, right here.

Needless to say, this interview was nothing short of mind-blowing. Aware of the fact that Travis has given countless interviews and talks in the past, we did our best to keep things interesting, hopefully providing our listeners with a new insight into Travis' experience. To really get the most out of our interview, we recommend watching the movie first, since it provides a brief-but-useful overview for those that are not quite familiar with the story.

Be sure to keep an eye out for an updated version of The Walton Experience in the future!

Special thanks go out to Susan von Seggern, of Contact In The Desert, who made this interview possible for us.

Posted on September 2, 2014 and filed under SUM1.