West of The Rockies with Special Guest: R.H. Stavis

On this hugely fascinating episode of WoTR, we gladly welcome back R.H. Stavis - TV, Game & Comic writer, and to top it off, exorcist. Stavis gives us a mind-blowing insight into her work involving entity-removals, which encompasses removals from people, as well as places and objects. We also hear a first-hand account from Dan (her husband), who has experienced his fair share of strange happenings since being with Stavis, including an unprecedented entity-removal of his own. Furthermore, she talks about her upcoming two-day charity event in aid of people who may not otherwise be able to acquire her services - to book your session: entityremoval@gmail.com

Follow R.H. Stavis on twitter: twitter.com/RHStavis 

Checkout our first interview with R.H. Stavis: West of The Rockies with Special Guest: R.H. Stavis

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Posted on June 4, 2014 and filed under SUM1.